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Positive Birth Movement: The Group Making Labour Less Traumatic for Women Across the World {@ Independent}

"Childbirth is nothing like the movies and women are finally speaking out." Great read on the grassroots organization Positive Birth Movement, which aims to take away the fear and provide information to anyone giving birth, regardless of birth choice or experience. What we need to be talking about is rights in birth, dignity in birth, listening to women and respectful care. Women who experience this usually feel good afterwards, whether they had tea lights and a birth pool or blue lights and surgery. Read the full post on Independent >> Connect with Kashmira Gander and Independent: Author Twitter | Facebook | Site Twitter Photo credit: Epanouie Within by Nahomie Hann Photography

Five Benefits to Cosleeping Past Infancy {@ Natural Parents Network}

Many families cosleep, but there are cultural taboos against it. Dionna at Natural Parents Network shares reasons why it's healthy to continue the practice. Children who cosleep are generally more independent and secure, develop close and lasting bonds to their families, and report more happiness and general life satisfaction than children who sleep alone. There are many reasons that sharing sleep with your children is healthy and beneficial even after they’ve started walking, but below are five of the best reasons. Read the full post on Natural Parents Network >> Connect with Natural Parents Network: Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ Photo credit: Dionna of Code Name: Mama